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We hung a left onto the long gravel road and as the figures at the end became clearer, I could hardly contain my excitement. When I dropped the girls off at sleepaway camp a week earlier, I knew I would miss them. I didn’t realize just how strange and difficult it would be not to talk to them that entire time. Not to have even one quick phone call filling me in on the day’s events, telling me things were great, that the other girls were nice, that swimming was fun, that they have survived solely on pb+j for a whole week.

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camp letter

I’m cuddling on my bed with my girls, pens and envelopes strewn about the covers as I teach them how to address an envelope. I’m also trying to explain the difference between email and mail and why we need a stamp in the first place and why it costs $.49 to send a letter that could be free if we just used email already, besides, isn’t that faster?

“There’s no email at camp, sweetie.”  (More)

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I love my momsThis is a post about how I fucked up. And other stuff that I think is way more interesting than that, unless you’re some sort of strange person who actively wants me to fuck up (hi, my 10th grade English teacher who probably still hates me), in which case  you can just focus on that part.

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With every Annual List that comes out, comes the Annual Inevitable Backlash Against The List. I’ve been a part of both. When Babble first introduced a top bloggers list in 2009, there was a lot of talk about it. It had some gravitas. It was early in the mom blogging cycle of cycle-like things having to do with blogging (or something). I thanked the editors for including me, because it always feels nice to know someone likes your writing; but my immediate next instinct was to feel bad for all the great writers whose names I did not see. (More)

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On Thalia’s 9th birthday, the biggest parenting cliche in the world.


I swore I would never be the parent who gazes at other parents holding newborns or wrestling toddlers into clip-on cafe booster seats and saying to them, it goes so fast. But I am. I am that person. Feel free to hate me. I hate myself for it.   2005 Of course when I approach the poor unsuspecting [...]

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22 PR pitches that were too fun to send to spam.


I was reading a post my dad wrote (my dad blogs–I know, so awesome) about business email etiquette and how fluid and confusing it can be. I know that those of us who entertain a half-billion or so pitches a day always joke about some of the worst ones and let me tell you, after 8 years [...]

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Why teachers are great, according to third graders


It’s the last week of school in New York City public schools-and before you ask, yes, we like to keep our kids in school as late as possible while every tourist child in the world is here, enjoying our lovely parks and pools and zoos and outdoor cafes, simply to torture our children for several weeks each summer. It toughens [...]

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Domo Arigato, Ms. Roboto


Thalia came home a little dejected Thursday night. “I probably didn’t make it into the Robotics Club, Mom.” The Robotics Club, you guys! “Why not?” “Well, we all had to get in small groups at try-outs and make a tower stand. And ours was the only group that couldn’t get it to stand on its own.”

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