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Cosby Show | Mom-101Last night, I thought I’d look for some classic TV sitcoms to watch with the kids, since, to be honest, I’d rather watch Game of Thrones with my kids than subject us all to Wizards of Waverly Place.

(Just kidding. Mostly. Don’t hurt me, sanctimommies, I would like, totally skip over the naked prostitute stuff.)

After a brief misstep with Gumby, which they begged me to turn off about 15 seconds in, we settled on The Cosby Show.

Good lord, do you know what it’s like trying to explain all those 80′s references to your kids a full 30 (gulp) years later? Here were just a few of the questions I found myself struggling to answer over the course of two short episodes: (More)

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Home is where the mom is: Cardstore Mother's Day CardI’ve been thinking for a while about this interesting new meme that is increasingly circulating any time there’s an ad, a video, an article acknowledging the hard work of mothers: The idea that thanking mothers is necessarily putting dads down.

(Moms rule, dads drool?)

This week, on the Cool Mom Picks Facebook page, we shared a wonderfully clever Cardstore.com video salute to “the world’s toughest job” which, well, you can guess who they’re referring to what with Mother’s Day coming up and all.  We linked to the video knowing darn well that someone would at some point call out the video for not acknowledging dads, who also work very hard at being dads. And that’s just what happened. (More)

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Gloria Steinem quote by Lisa Condon via The Reconstructionists
This week, we honor Gloria Steinem on her 80th birthday. And it’s not lost on me that at this very same time, I’m following conversations about:  (More)

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Why you should reveal your baby’s name: 4 excellent reasons.


Thalia had a free writing assignment last week in school and decided to write a “persuasion piece” about why her very pregnant teacher should reveal the baby’s name to the class before he is born. Since I know this is a such a hand-wringing decision for so many parents-to-be, I’m offering up her very persuasive [...]

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The parenting anarchists. Join us! Oh, wait….


I have no system. I am systemless. I am a mom without a system. And I’m only just learning this. The other day, someone at school asked what system I use to punish my children and I was like uh…punishments…hm. System. Well.  Sometimes we do time outs? It works, but they don’t normally need it. [...]

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To the mom shooing her son away from the American Girl Doll today


You didn’t notice me next to you in the bookstore today. And I didn’t notice you. I was busy browsing the young adult books, while my daughters were staring at the American Girl Doll sweepstakes display, imagining what it would be like to win. Maybe you didn’t see my girls. But they definitely saw you. [...]

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Blind tweeting and public pitching. Make it stop? Please?


As much as we’ve talked about bad blogger pitches over the years, I feel like I’m seeing more and more bad social media pitches lately. Which might even be worse. Because they’re public. Yesterday, a brand I have never heard of tweeted a random statistic to me. It wasn’t on the topic of anything I had been [...]

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