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Because trust me, you don’t want to see me naked, Chicago

Yesterday I checked into the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago for the Marketing 2 Moms conference, went up to my beautiful room, plopped down my stuff and headed into the bathroom. The bathroom with the ginormous picture window facing all of downtown.

I tweeted:

tweet to hard rock hotel chicago

And in a stroke of social media mastery, within minutes, the Hard Rock Hotel tweeted back:

tweet from hard rock chicago
Which directed me to a most awesome exchange on the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago Facebook Page in which the general manager responded to a complaint from the adjacent office building with equal measures diplomacy and snark.
Thank you Hard Rock Hotel. For saving me from abject humiliation from the certain circulation of internet photos of my postpartum ass.
Follow up: Not only is the GM a class act (see his comment on this post) but I just received a little note from the eCommerce manager of the Hard Rock, thanking me for sharing my praises of the hotel on Twitter. The note was attached to a small box of Vosges chocolate. VOSGES CHOCOLATE PEOPLE.
And with that, a Hard Rock Hotel Chicago fan for life is born.