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Victoria’s Secret underwear goes after younger teens. And we get to respond.

victoria's secret bright young things line for young teensFirst came Ambercrombie with their padded bras in size 8T, and now, here comes Victoria’s Secret, with an eye on creating sexy underthangs for the young teen market.

We’ll get to that. But first, let me digress as I tend to do:

When I was in 10th grade, I plastered buttons across my gray Le Sport Sac tote. Lots and lots of buttons. I had Canal Jeans buttons in every color, with their Vans-like checkerboard pattern; the true sign of indie NYC cred circa 1984. I had buttons naming bands I had never really listened to but sounded cool. I had an anarchy A (pathetic, I know). I had one that said “uniquely maladjusted but fun,” not entirely knowing what that meant. And then I had one more.

In black letters on white, it read, “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”

I was 14. Continue reading